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It?s raw and refined, emotional and apathetic, simple yet elegant.

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Korean Rapper T.O.P.

Born on November 4, 1987, Choi Seung-Hyun, also known as T.O.P. for his stage name, is a rapper in the popular South Korean boy band, "Big Bang". He is in the same boy group as G-Dragon's.


Although possessing a Diamond Shaped Face, T.O.P. wears a large variety of hairstyles. From short haircuts to medium hairstyles

Even with heavy fringes, T.O.P. manages to pull out a cool look. From evidence, T.O.P. frequently changes hairstyles from no bangs to bangs.


Hairstyling Tips: Triangle Shaped Face

Triangle Shaped Face: If you have a narrow forehead but a broad cheekbone, then you have a Triangle Shaped Face! No worries! Your only goal is to narrow down your chin and widen your forehead through hairstyling tips!
Best hairstyles for this type: Triangle Shape face individuals should avoid wearing long haircuts because they will only emphasize more on the broad chin. Try wearing short to medium hairstyles that have heavy layers and bangs to accentuate the forehead. Also, you may also use hair wax to create spiky hair to add volume to your forehead, so that it will balance out with the broad cheekbone.

Hairstyles to avoid: Try to avoid long haircuts that are below the shoulder level, and thin layered haircuts which would not help balance out the face traits.

Hairstyling Tips: Square Shaped Face

Square Shaped Face: A type of face where its length and width is about the same. A square shaped face can be described as having a broad forehead and a wide jaw. This shape of face would emphasize the masculine side (good or bad?)Therefore, we want to soften this image up through hairstyling tips!

Best hairstyles for this type: The best-looking hairstyle for you would be short to medium hairstyles. Your haircut should contain many layers, volume, and some fringes to lessen the square look.

Hairstyles to avoid: Try to avoid very short haircuts or very long hairstyles. These kinds of hairstyles can accentuate your broad forehead or your wide jaw.

Hairstyling Tips: Round Shaped Face

Round Shaped Face: A type of face shape that is completely circular. Your objective would be to make your forehead look taller, since your cheeks and forehead would be the same size.

Best hairstyles for this type: The right hairstyle for you would be short to medium hairstyles that do not contain much bangs, and that would make your forehead smaller. You want to make your forehead look bigger than usual! Add some spikes with hair wax to emphasize the forehead! Or even pull your fringes to the sides!

Hairstyles to avoid: Try to avoid long hairstyles that would cover much of your forehead. If you happen to have a long hairstyle, try to push the fringes to the side, to cover up a bit of your cheeks instead.

Safer ways to grow your hair faster

I have used my own hair many times to experiment with ways on how to grow hair faster, to obtain a medium long hairstyle. Throughout the internet there are many forums talking about hair growing supplements and all kinds of therapies to make your hair grow faster. If you are using one of these methods, stop already. Not only do these methods waste your time and money, they can leave a potential side-effect behind.

And again, many sites out there have claimed some methods are able to make a bald person to have hair up to their shoulders overnight. That is extremely bizarre!

With my own hair, I have concluded that to grow your hair faster, follow these safe steps:

  1. 1. Firstly, consume a sufficient amount of water each day. A while back I had not been drinking much water to tell you the truth, and not only did my hair often became dry, it did not grow much either.
  2. Consume the essential nutrients everyday, do not miss out on any nutrients! I cannot stress this enough but many people who wish to grow their hair faster, do not eat much at all because they are probably on an "intense" diet to look better. The essential nutrients include: fibre, protein, calcium, iron, and vitamins. Please emphasize on the protein consumption! To those who are on a diet right now, eat SOY! **A while ago I used to join the neighbourhood gym, and drank protein shakes (not recommended for everyone) which had around 20g of protein in each cup. A couple days later and I realized my hair grew alot thicker and longer. No lies!
  3. Wash your hair frequently! Your hair will become extremely dirty and unhealthy as soon as you miss a day of no hair-wash! Only use warm water or colder to wash your hair, since hot water may have a chance to eliminate your hair cells.
  4. Cut out the blow-dryers! Blow drying your hair is extremely poor to your hair. It crisps the hair and damages your hair's nutrients.
  5. Avoid hair colour treatments for now. Until you grow your hair until your ideal length, do not use any dyes yet. *Although dyes are quite damaging to your hair as well.
  6. Get plenty of sleep and rest! Sleep at least 8 hours per night!
  7. Cut the caffeine, and reduce the amount of alcohol and tobacco if you are on any.
These 7 steps are clearly safe ways to help your grow for sure. Hopefully, results would be something like this:

Lee Sun Kyu

Born on May 15, 1989, Lee Sun Kyu, also known as Sunny, is a popular South Korean singer. She debuted her career in the popular girl group, "Girl's Generation", along with the leader Taeyeon.

Sunny is known for her innocent and gorgeous look within the girl group. She often wears a long hairstyle due to her rectangular shaped face.
Notice Sunny always wears a thick volumed hairstyle with full bangs. This technique can help reduce the longness of her chin. Great tip!!

Lee Sun Kyu is absolutely gorgeous with her thick long hairstyle!!

Hairstyling Tips: Rectangular Shaped Face

Rectangular Shaped Face: A type of face where your chin is longer than an oval shaped face. If you have this kind of hairstyle, you have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that your face shape is similar to the almight oval shaped face! However, since your face's chin is a bit lower than the oval shaped face, you must do some more work

Best hairstyles for this type: Any hairstyle will do for you... However! Don't forget that your forehead is a bit bigger than your chin, and therefore it is not balanced..BUT! you can solve this by wearing any hairstyle that contains some bangs to cover up some of your forehead, to make it even with your chin! .Hairstyles to avoid: Try to avoid hairstyles that show your entire forehead.


Born on March 9, 1989, Taeyeon, also known as Kim Tae-yeon, is a South Korean singer, known for being the leader of the popular Korean 9-member girl group "Girl's Generation" or "SNSD".

Possessing a Heart shaped face, Taeyeon is known for her fabulous long hairstyles with full bangs.Taeyeon's gorgeous hairstyles give her a charismatic feeling. The volume of her hairstyles are fairly light, not too heavy. The ends of her hair are particularly thin in texture. Notice her usual hairstyles are always long and curly.

No doubt, Taeyeon is absolutely stunning in her beautiful long hairstyles!!

Hairstyling Tips: Heart Shaped Face

Heart Shaped Face: A type of face shape where the forehead is quite wide, the cheekbones are very delicate, and the chin is very narrow. A Heart Shape Face is basically an Oval Shaped Face but with a narrower chin.
Click image to see Taeyeon's profile

Best hairstyles for this type: A person with a heart shape face should be concerned with their particular narrow chin. They should attempt to make their chin look enlarged. A Heart shape face should wear a multi-layered haircut, to emphasize the hair volume, and would soften the narrow chin. Also, hairstyles with some bangs is encouraged, to take out the image of a constricted chin. Try not to completely ignore bangs, because without them, the difference of the forehead and chin would be displayed.

Hairstyles to avoid: Try to avoid haircuts with completely no fringes, at least leave some bangs on to flatten out the narrow chin. Any hairstyle would work, except for thin-layered haircuts without bangs.

Hairstyling Tips: Diamond Shaped Face

Diamond Shaped Face: You have a diamond shaped face only if you have a narrow forehead and chin. However, your cheekbones are also quite strong and broad, sculpting up a diamond shaped face! Your goal would be to minimize your cheekbones, and emphasize your forehead and chin.

Best hairstyles for this type: Diamond Shaped face individuals should wear a haircut that can minimize the narrowness of the face, and soften up the wide cheekbone look. One can achieve this by wearing medium to long haircuts that have a strong layer, which can diminish the broad cheekbone look. Also, wear lots of fringes to make your forehead wider.

Hairstyles to avoid: Try to avoid haircuts that do not have any bangs at all, which can totally show your tall and narrow forehead. Also keep away from hairstyles that do not have hair near the neck and chin area, because they do the trick to broaden up your chin. Wear medium to thick layers of hair which will thicken up the forehead.

Medium Hairstyles for Guys

The most popular hairstyle right now in Asia... It makes guys look very adorable and cute.. They're not the "macho" look, but the revolutionized "cute" look :D

Guys who have this kind of hairstyle tend to use up their hair wax (GATSBY!!) to create volume on their sides to add a "thick" effect. This kind of hairstyle is usually pretty long, up to the neck, but not too "thick layered".

These kind of hairstyles have a middle fringe, made by adding hair wax to isolate it from the rest of the fringes

Guys can also wax up their back hair too, to make a spirally feel^^

Many idols and artists love maintaining this kind of hairstyle, and since it is the most popular hairstyle in the Asian world today.

Short Hairstyles

Short haircuts have been the tradition of many guys and men since Adam and Eve... Most guys have a concept in which wearing a short haircut can take age off their appearance and look hot and masculine. Nowadays, in Asia, there are still many guys out there that maintain a short hairstyle. From athletes to idols many guys love short hairstyles not only is it easy to handle, but it requires less work.

Short hairstyles is the way for those who do not want to spend much time maintaining their hair. Compared to medium long hairstyle people, they must spend much more time fixing up their hair before they go out and requires high maintenance. For short hairstyle people, they only need to wash their hair and dry it to obtain the "clean short" look.

Short hairstyles can be also used for "preppie" guys. However, they must apply hair wax to fully utilize this effect :D

Short hairstyle is the best for athletes and active individuals. Maintaining such a haircut does not require much time and effort. Best for busybees!!

More short hairstyle images: click thumbnail to enlarge