Hottest Girls

So to give you guys out there some inspiration to go out and get a girl of your own I have decided to scour the internet for the hottest emo girls i could find. Here ya go! "The best emo hairstyles for girls and guys on
the web along with lots of pictures of emo hairstyles"

My top 10 emo bands

I never made a really awesome post in a while so to celebrate getting out of summer school I am going to make a post on The top 10 emo bands. I want you guys to make your own top 10 lists in the comments section just below after reading this, dont forget!

10. At the number 10 spot is Panic at the Disco, they are a pretty good band but since they are well in the tenth spot im not going to spend much time on them.

9. In the 9th spot is Atreyu! Atreyu is an awesome band, some of my favourite songs by them are Bleeding Mascara, The Crimson, X's and O's and well the list goes one.

8. All Time Low could be one of my favorite bands, their music is so happy and thats why I love it so much. Weightless has to be my favorite songs by them, its just sooo good.

7. My Chemical Romance is also an awesome band. I think theyre emo but apparently the lead singer hates the band being called emo or something like that so they have the labels on their website such as "post hardcore" among other things. I think emo describes them better but well thats just me. One of my favorite songs by this band is Helena check it out just click the link.

6. At the number 6 spot is From First to Last, this is a really good band you should check them out, a good song by them is Emily.

5. Next up is Underoath one of the greatest bands on earth. I love them, check out the song A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White to experience their awesomness.

4. Thursday is at the number 4 spot today and though I've only recently started listening to them they are quickly making an impression on me. Check out the song War all the Time, its such a good song. Listen to this band RIGHT NOW then I want you to immediately comment and tell me just how much you love them.

3. Oh man, I love these guys so much Bullet for my Valentine is truly an awesome band. My favorite songs by them are Waking the Demon, Tears dont Fall and Scream Aim Fire.

2. 2nd place goes to the band Hawthorn Heights an American emo band formed on June, 2001. The band currently consists of vocalist and guitarist JT Woodruff, lead guitarist Micah Carli, bassist and vocalist Matt Ridenour and drummer Eron Bucciarelli. Due to accidental causes guitarist and vocalist Casey Calvert died in late 2007 leaving the band as a 4 piece. Some of my favorite songs by this band are Silver Bullet, Ohio is for Lovers and Saying Sorry.

1. And topping out at number 1 is my all time favorite band Alexisonfire! I cannont understand how anybody could dislike this band, sure some of their songs like `Sharks and Danger`are a bit weird but the other songs by them are siiiick. Hits such as This could be Anywhere in the World and No Transitory really help define this band as one of the best out there. "The best emo hairstyles for girls and guys on
the web along with lots of pictures of emo hairstyles"

Summer hairstyles

So I haven't updated you guys in a while, well here are some brand new styles for you guys to check out. "The best emo hairstyles for girls and guys on
the web along with lots of pictures of emo hairstyles"

Summer time and Random Stuff

So I was browsin the net and came upon this photobucket site which has thousands of emo pics. Here it is.
Man, I wish july would end, I want August to come so I can go to Calgary, I cant wait. I heard the malls and stuff were huge, here in Newfoundland everything is smaller or so I've heard.
You guys should all check out the band Masterplan, they are sooo epic. Here's a link to a song by them, if you like that one make sure to check out "spirit never dies" its sooo epic.

So, I dont really know what to write so I think I'll make a list. Here it is
The top ten things to do over the summer!
10. Go swimming, just don't get drunk or eat before swimming, its no fun if you drown!
9. Get ice cream and lots of it, maybe if you bought enough you could swim in it, oh man that'd be so good
8. Get high on DRUGS , thats always fun ahah. Well not really but if its your thing try taking a bunch of random pills out of your cupboards and popping them all at once ( WARNING : don't actually do this you will most likely die, and I cant be held responsible if you do decide too)
7. Hmmm, find an insane band, (I like power metal) CRANK it and go crazy, headbang, start a mosh pit just go maddddddd
6. Go hunting for guys or girls (whatever you prefer). Wear something that shows off your body but only if you have a nice one ahahh. Then go up to guys or girls and talk to them, grow some balls ( well dont grow balls if your a girl) and just go talk to the person whats the worst that can happen?
5. Listen to Michael Jackson REALLY loud, its what im doing right now and its siiiiiiiiiick.
4. Go get a tan, that way the guy or girl you met at the beach can lather you up in oil. Got me?
3. Get a paintball gun and take out those tough guys in your school who think theyre cool. (dont let them know its you for obvious reasons ahah)
2. PARTYYYYYYY, beach partys, house partiesssss, go get laid you bunch of pansys =P
1. Hang out with your friends, box eachother, go swimming, watch movies, have sex with eachother, build a treehouse I dont care just get creative!! Do whatever you want to do just do it with your friends. Its the best thing to do over the summer!!


Ill be putting up a new post now tommorow around 5pm my time so ya it should be good. So summer school isnt so bad after all, its half fun. it sounds weird to say but ya it actually is, math is actually so easy. if I payed more attention throughout the year im pretty sure I could have gotten an 80 in the course. Guys recommend my site to your friends I need more views!

Emo colors

Emo/scene colors This is really cool hairstyle with light red brown color.I get this pic at a cool street fashion blog named easy fashion Paris.