Being EMO or SCENE will get you layed

So, to be different from all of those other copying emo blogs (which are repetitive and boring)I decided to do an entry on how becoming emo or scene can attract the guys and girls (or the same if that's what you prefer =P). My inspiration for this entry was two people I know, one being a girl and the other being a guy who is a friend of mine. You see neither of these two people were always emo/scene they were ordinary people at one point and didn't have too much success gettin layed. But then the girl decided to go scene and well she immediately looked hotter, it surprised me and she even liked me before! I was kind of pissed I didn't get with her... buuut anyways aha,she ended up getting with a bunch of guys and now shes a happy little girl.
The other fellow, well he thought skinny jeans were cool and started wearing them then slowly adopted the emo style. He got his hair cut different, dyed black and in what seemed like no time at all he had emo bit*hes fighting for his co*k on facebook non stop, he even met his gf this way! Like, its actually crazy how much just changing how he looked helped him with girls.
You might wonder how or why emo/scene people are so damn fine, well I'll now tell you why.
The hair: The poofy hair looks thicker right?? And primal instinct makes it so that HEALTHY thicker hair is a turn on so there you have it aha. The puffiness satisfies the primal side and the cool colors satisfy our conscious side so really its the ultimate hairstyle =P
The tight clothes: Tight clothes show off your body so its fairly obvious, well unless your fat. If your fat please dont wear tight clothes it will scare people away. Thank you
So there you have it, I will update this article over the course of the day until it seems completeeee but until then bare with me =P see ya!

New Layout and my life

I just got a new layout as you can probably tell, I think its pretty sweet what do you guys think?
So its the beginning of summer right? Well not for me, I failed my math so I have to go to summer school =[ . It sucks but well there is a plus to the whole thing. If I can get a really high mark in summer school my nan is going to pay for a trip to Calgary in August for me! I have a friend up there I haven't seen in ages so hopefully I'll get to visit him. Oh and sorry about not posting for a while I was busy studying for exams, I didn't even get to go to the gym!

Cute short emo haircut

emo short hair
short straight emo hair style

How to get an emo girl

Ok guys look allot of you think you know what you're at when it comes to getting with chicks but really you don't and as for those who don't have a clue heres some pointer's I have gathered over the years. I'll list these as the golden rules, these are never to be broken unless I say so by some special circumstance.

GR1 Dont do things for her: Alot of guys get this one wrong right away, hell I used to get this one wrong. When I say dont do things for her I don't mean be a dick and dont do anything at all. I mean have some dignity, if she asks you to get up and get the remote half way across the room and she is perfectly capable of doing so say no and just sit there until she goes to get it, make it a bit funny if you can or just put in a sly remark to get her going a bit. Exception: Do things like this for her maybe once or twice out of every ten times for example, this will keep things a bit interesting for her and when you do go out of your way to do something special for her it will mean soo much more. Oh make sure to do special things for her, if you guys go out surprise her with a bunch of flowers or a teddy bear and so on. Oh! You can still be chivalrous to a degree, keep doors opened for her and such but dont be her bit*h, please.

GR 2 You gotta be funny: Its sooo easy to be funny with girls, like I don't consider myself a funny guy when im with my guy friends but if im talking to a girl they're usually laughing quite allot. Why? Because I do whats called being "cocky and funny" , this is a technique developed by David Deanjelo, (give him a google search and check out his book if you really want to get with some girls.) and its gold. Think of it this way, who would you rather talk to, a girl who asks you about the weather and how your doing or a girl who is more fun joking around saying things like "hey fight me, you know you cant win" or " you know you want me =P". I know I prefer a girl like this, I find it fun sometimes its like a breath of fresh air. Now you dont want to come off as being overly cocky or big headed so here are some things to say and do.
Thing #1 : "Ahah dude you want me and you know it =P" laugh when you say this or give a very tiny bit of a grin to let her know your fooling around, you dont want to be ignoring her completely serious while saying this, it just wont work.
Thing #2 : "try not to miss me too much" You can say this before leaving the person your with, this works pretty well and ends the encounter on a good note most of the time. Again make sure you grin a bit while saying this, you dont want to be completely serious.

GR 3 Bust her balls: Make fun of her guys! If she has perfect hair tell her it looks odd or if she just got a manicure tell her one nail is longer then the other and it looks weird, use your imagination! Dont be a dick though and tell her she is ugly if she really is or that her nose is the size of a car, these things she cant change so easy and can make her feel really bad about herself. Ok this one has a catch though, the better looking the girl the more you should bust her balls, if shes a 10 out of 10 you have to throw almost everything you have at her to get her head out of the clouds and down to your level, because well her ego is probably inflated to the point of exploding from all the guys being idiots and complimenting her. Now if she gets whiny and shes good looking say something like this " awww poor baby", if she gets mad and walks away just think about how much fun she wouldn't be in a relationship and just go talk to someone else.
Now if the girl is a bit closer to average in looks be a bit more cautious about what you say, her self esteem will be more fragile.
Oh, give her a heart felt compliment every now and then, on a rare occasion I mean, you want your compliments to make her day. You DO NOT want to sound like a broken record to the point where what you say means almost nothing to her.

Well, I gotta stop writing now, if you have any questions just ask me and I might write another section or two. Kk cya and don't forget to click on an ad if you like this post!!!!

Emo boys Hairstyles

Everybody has listen in about emo hair for boys, it is extremely tough to keep away from it when the net is displayed in photograph's loaded by little Emo boy aiming to distribute their personage. However it is rather tricky to discover any counsel on how they attain these seriousness rebelling hair carvings. Well here is a simple to pursue guide for boys glancing for an emo hairstyle

The best hairstyles for guys and girls

Hey its me again, did you ever wonder what the best emo or scene hairstyle was? Well I did before too but I am taking the time today to compile what I think are the best hairstyles for guys and girls.
Well here it is CLICK just click on the first pic and go through them. I have left a description under each one saying what I like about it and under a few how to help achieve the style. Hope this helps! Oh! and support this site by clicking on an ad, who knows you might like what theyre offering and you'll be helping me out. Cya later! =D

Whats your style?

Emo fashion is a pretty controversial thing right now, with some people wearing skinny's and others opting for less skinny jeans, I myself prefer to not wear skinny jeans. A few suggestions on what you should wear and why will be listed below =D

Skinny Jeans: This seems fairly obvious but for new comers skinny jeans can feel weird to wear and going into a clothing store and trying on girls jeans can be embarassing for some but it dosent have to be bad. The first time I went to buy skinny jeans I had a friend with me who was doing the same same thing. I got my jeans and went right in, the employee wasn't bothered much at all as this is becoming more common nowadays. If your going to buy skinny jeans and wear them to school, you should probably buy the black ones, white or any other color will usually have you laughed out of the school if your school is anything like myn.

Bootcut Jeans: A pair of black bootcut jeans can look so much better than skinnys in my opinion, bootcut jeans look good in general but an expensive pair like "Guess","Buffallo" and so on look amazing. Couple this with a belt only put through half of the loops on the jeans and your gonna look siiick.

T'ssss: T shirts, most wear band shirts, some wear skulls, it dosent really matter as long as it is tight and matches your other clothes somewhat.

Hoodies: Hoodies are a staple in every emo guys wardrobe, striped, checkered, band, spotted, the list goes one, hoodies can look sooo good with your other clothes if you match them properly. If you were wearing black jeans, a red studded belt, a black and red t and then topped it all off with a black and red hoodie you would look like the master. Other colors work too I was just throwing that one out there and you dont always have to match its just what I think looks better.

Belts: Belts ahh another emo piece, these can look really good also. The studded leather ones are the ones the emo kids are wearing nowadayss (heres an example and for good reason, the look siick. Worn hanging off a bit or just worn normally the can really add to your look and thats always good.

Sneakers: Presonally I hate converse shoes (, I hate how they look and I would never wear them. A good pair of skate shoes will do you wonders if you are like me and dont like this look but if you do like converse shoes go ahead and go buy them but remember if I ever see you I might just stab you =P

Well ya a bit of gothicyy jewelry, or just colorful things it dosent really matter I dont wear much jewelry myself and neither do my emo friends but get creative you could make something look awesome. And thats it, I'll be posting another article in the next day or two so make sure to check back, oh! and support this site by clicking on an ad, who knows you might like what theyre offering and you'll be helping me out.
See ya next time

A cool Hairtstyle

Cute Asian Hairstyle For Girls

Cute Asian Hairstyle For Girls Do you love this hair style?

Find the perfect hair style

Finding the perfect hairstyle can sometimes be a challenge but it can be made easier if you consider one very important factor and that is your face shape. People have all sorts of different sized faces you see, from Oval to Heart shaped each has its own strengths and weaknesses except oval which is a perfectly proportioned shape.

The first face and the best proportioned is the Oval shaped face, this face type can wear pretty much any hairstyle and get away with it because the face is perfectly proportioned. If you have an oval shaped face your face is balanced, your forehead accounts for one third of your face, your nose for one third and below your nose accounts for one third as well, your chin is also neither very pointed or rounded. So ya if you have this face shape you can wear pretty much anything and look good.

The second face shape is the Pear shaped face is extra wide at the jaw line and chin, so you should try to either expose your forhead or growing out your bangs, this draws attention away from your jaw line. Jaw length blunt cuts are the least flattering hair cuts for this shape.

The third face shape is the square face, this face is wider than it is long and features a prominent squared jaw line. The idea behind this shape is to create a slimming effect by creating more facial length and less width. wear your hair somewhat longer than chin length and avoid flat styles. Try full styles, lots of layers and angled sides to elongate this face shape.

An Oblong face is basically an oval face with a long chin, or an elongated oval. Try to avoid cuts with spiked up tops or a high crown which will make your face look even longer. look for a shorter cut with fullness at the sides to try and make your face appear wider. If your chin is very pointed opt for a cut that falls above the chin and draws attention upwards.

The Round face is a circular shaped face usually characterized by big round apple cheeks. You can try to remedy this by going for a longer hairstyle that covers your ears and cheekbones. Dont go for cuts shorter than ear length as this will not help you. Also, avoid solid bangs and go for soft feathery ones instead. Look for styles that draw the eye upwards.

The last face shape is the Heart shaped face, this face shape is different from the square shaped face in that it is wider at the forehead. Try short cuts that conceal your forehead. Wear styles that are slightly longer than chin length or ones that are slightly layered to add fullness to the narrow bottom, if you want a cut thats shorter than chin length bangs are a must.

So there you have it, all the face shapes and some tips to style hair to fit your shape. In my next post I will be adding pictures of guys and girls hairstyles from my youtube video "the best emo hair styles" at for all of you guys to see. Oh! and support this site by clicking on an ad, who knows you might like what theyre offering and you'll be helping me out. Cya later! =D

Guys hairstyles

Oh! and support this site by clicking on an ad, who knows you might like what theyre offering and you'll be helping me out. Cya later! =D

Cute hairstyle for girls

cute girls layered emo hairstyle  cute emo hair with bangs
 cute short emo hairstyle do you love her hairstyle?

How to Style Emo Hair

Styling emo hair isnt hard but it isnt easy either, there are a few things about emo hair that make it unique and that you will notice most emo people have. These are that the hair is almost always whip straight, this is really important, if you have curly hair go invest in a good straightening iron or go get your hair chemically straightened because emo hair is almost never curly.

The second thing is that emo hair is usually very uneven, this means that instead of having a nice symmetric hair cut you have your hair cut in all different lengths and with really jagged and sharp ends. You can notice this in the above picture, this guy has very stereotypical emo hair, it is long, whip straight, uneven and covers his face with a full monster of a fringe. He probably cant see very well sometimes though so be wary if your gonna cover your face like this =P
Oh ya, that's another thing, most emo hairstyles have a fringe ( this is basically your bang) that almost always partially covers one eye and maybe sometime the entier face like above.
This guy also has his hair dyed a bit of a blue color, now this could be interpreted as being scene or emo, id say its emo but to each their own I guess.

So knowing these pointers your ready to style your own hair, you could either bring a picture into a hair salon or do it yourself, I sometimes cut my own hair and most of the time it turns out ok but I prefer going to a stylist to get my hair done. Theirs a thing though if your going to a stylist, make sure they don't cut it too short, you cant grow back hair immediately once its been cut off but you CAN get another inch trimmed off until your hair is the right length. You should probably get shorter layers near your crown if you want to spike it and a fringe on the go, dye your hair if you want or just leave it the way it is its totally up to you and remember its all about being unique. Oh! and support this site by clicking on an ad, who knows you might like what theyre offering and you'll be helping me out. Cya later! =D