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Driving home Evelin wondered if she could improve her life by styling herself with one of the new, modern and mostly short hair cuts of Jessica Alba who appeared to be Evelin's most respected Hollywood actress.

Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles grow in popularity each year. Whether you are looking for that chic businesswoman look, the sexy party girl, or the sweet girl next door, there is a short hairstyle for you. In today's everything-is-possible world, there are amazing new products, tools, and techniques to give your short hairstyle the individual flare you are looking for. One of the joys of short hair that all women can agree on is the ease of care.Most of the same gels and anti-frizzing sprays used for longer length hair also work well for short hair. However, pomades and gels that give extra texture are often preferred for short hairstyles. If you are looking for a short, sleek hairstyle, look for products that will help lock down the hair and prevent frizzing. Stylists caution however, that with short hair, a little product goes a long way.
Tools such as CHI and Sedu with plates ranging from 3/4? to 1? and hot rollers such as the Caruso brand of hair setters can put the finishing touches on a short style, or change a short curly style to a short sleek style.Finally, there are a few tried and true tips that every woman should keep in mind when working with short hair getting a short haircut, don't go too short at first. Error on the conservative side, you can always go shorter. Short hairstyles need to be trimmed regularly to keep their shape and style. major events such as weddings, graduations, and performances, and get your hair trimmed a week to ten days before the event.

Cute Girl

cute emo girl

cute emogirl hair
Cunning, attractive, cute girl contrived to charm.

Beautiful Hairstyles for Girls

Hairstyle trends are generally reflected and influenced by the modern hairstyles worn by movie and television stars, fashion models, and other celebrities. Modern hairstyles for girls have been mostly set by many movie stars like Jennifer Aniston who pioneered the sedu hairstyle.

Nam Ji Hyun

Born on January 9, 1990, Nam Ji Hyun is the leader and vocalist of the popular Korean girlgroup, "4 Minute".
Because of her Triangle Shaped Face, she tends to wear hairstyles that leave forehead open. In a way it creates an adorable look. Nam Ji Hyun usually wears a Long hairstyle, to portray a stunning figure. As an idol, she tends to wear fancy hairstyles, yet showing her full forehead.

Ji Hyun looks absolutely gorgeous with her dyed long haircuts!

Hot Summer Hairstyle

Hot Summer Hairstyle Image

I am with myself on the inside..

photo source: sunset love

Everyone is right and at the same time wrong on being emo. It's just the way the world works. See, everyone has their own opinions and no one should shut them up no matter what others think, or if they don't agree. It's just how the world works. Isn't that the whole point of trying to "find" you? To never hold anything back and always look for a you that you feel comfortable in, and all the people who call the others posers, how are you to judge that?

Everyone is still human, still people trying to find themselves in this image crazed world. There's no right or wrong thing to think or say or be for that matter, "When your mother tells you to love and appreciate your body, it's not just to get you to shut up. They know that when you're old you are going to feel exactly the same way you do inside as you do now.

We try on different dresses, different selves, but our souls are always the same ? ongoing and full of light." It's from the book, Psyche in a Dress by Francesca Lia Block (All time favorite book). It's true, no matter what shells you try on you're always going to be the same, no site on the internet can tell you who to be, but you make that choice to look at it and see if maybe you could try on that shell. That is you, the human that wants to appreciate and love their own body. You just gotta see the good and bad in it. Not just what you want to, but everything else that makes it.

Korean singer Park Bom

Born on March 24, 1984, Park Bom is the Main Vocalist for the popular South Korean girl group, 2NE1 (pronounced 21). She is one of the members of 2NE1 that has released her own solo single, "You and I".

Park Bom is known for her Oval shaped face. Because of her face shape, she usually wears a long hairstyle. Truly, Park Bom's hairstyle contains heavy bangs, which creates a charismatic look.

In a way, Park Bom's unique hairstyle and style gives her a trendy look.

Normally, Park Bom has her hair dyed light brown, with heavy fringes to cover up her forehead.

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Growing Out Short Hair Style cuts

Growing out a short hair style can be one of the most frustrating and confidence zapping processes a girl can go through, I once heard that 70% of a girls confidence comes from her hair. Thus growing out a short hair cut over a period of a year can mean 365 bad hair days. As a hair guru this is one of the most common problems I face and I have to admit I have gone through this process myself, having gone from having a funky short hair cut that everyone loved, to looking like a prison escapee as the months of growing out progressed.

Short Hairstyle Mimicking

If your dress is sweet, soft, and long it is best to choose something classical. You want the hair to be more polished and sleek. When you are wearing a strapless dress it is best to opt for a more romantic look. You should try something with a flexible curl or lightly pinned up. Don't be shy of the pin up, just because you do not have the length doesn't mean you cannot work with the short hair you do have. And when you have a dress that is a little flirty and fun, make sure your short hairstyle is mimicking the same sassiness.

Aniston short hairstyle

Jennifer Aniston short hairstyle includes the bob haircut chin length. This haircut is easy to maintain and really fast if you want to go out for an event. This chin length hair can then be modified to be made really straight, by making it slightly wavy. This haircut suits all types of faces.

blonde hairstyle

Posh Spice with short blonde hairstylePoshs' hair is cut very short in back, layered, and then longer on top and bangs. Her bangs are cut very long compared to the rest of her hair to almost chin lengthCelebrity Short Hairstyles, Posh Spice with short blonde hairstyle, short blonde hairstyle .

Short Summer Haircuts gallery

Short Summer Haircuts Image

Short Modern Hairstyles

Short Modern Hairstyles

Modern Hairstyles Gallery

Modern Hairstyles Gallery

Cutting Edge

There are some women who just about look gracious with every short hairstyle and there are some who need to comply to a distinct shape.
Are you looking for a fresh cutting-edge hair style? Modern hairstyles for women include a lot of short and current hairdos. Short hairstyles weren't so popular in years past when women were anticipated to be at home. But at this time with the expanding of attitudes and women becoming conscious of fashion, short hairstyles are the trend nowadays. Some women wear it since they want to make a statement.

stylish short hair styles

We have offers some very stylish short hair styles pictures in this gallery for curly, layered hair. Short hairstyles also requires regular trimming, haircut and quality styling tools. So, before you decide to go with a short hair style, you must discuss about the maintenance involved with your new hairstylist.
Because it is easy to leave the salon with a fantastic new look, only to awaken the next morning with a not-so-fantastic look. Your hair-stylist should discuss the styling tools and techniques according to your need to achieve a great short hair style look everyday by yourself.

Very Short Hair

Fashy Jessica claimed to have life changing photos of very short hairstyles for women that could be enormously good for a makeover of Maria Ozawa's rusting hairdo with black hair extensions. Surprised Maria defended herself by claiming her hairdo being one of the awesomely cool, punk, funky emo hairstyles for girls who wear colored contacts or cheap contact lenses.Demanding Jessica insisted on her desire to share the brilliant, professional photos of very short hair styles. She proposed to meet at the local wellness and beauty salon for permanent laser hair removal where Mari could joyfully eyeball Jessica Alba's latest, newest, modern pictures of hairstyles for women.

Short Hair

Therefore, you can try some of the following techniques to keep your hair simple and elegant. Most importantly, use a shampoo which keeps your hair healthy and shiny. Avoid using those which leave your scalp itchy with dandruff, hair loss, dull, brittle with split ends. For conditioning solution, use a hair conditioner or softener after shampooing your hair to keep it soft and smooth, and easy to comb.Once a week, apply hair masque all over your hair, avoiding the scalp, wrap it up with a shower cap or warm towel, leave the masque on for 20 minutes, rinse and towel dry after that. Use a hair dryer to dry your hair or just leave it to dry itself. Apply some hair cream or serum to keep hair moisturize.