Kim Bum

Also known as Kim Sang Beom, Kim Bum is a popular Korean actor known for his role as So Yi Jeong in the Korean drama, "Boys Over Flowers". As soon as you watch his amazing acting you will eventually be drawn into him. Especially in his newest Korean drama, "The Women who still wants to marry", Kim Bum's charisma attracts every single girl.

Evidently, Kim Bum is the definition of a pretty, Oval shaped face. He is one of the few that can pull off any type of hairstyles: from short haircuts to medium styles. Clearly, he looks awesome in a black trimmed hairstyle with full bangs!
Another example of Kim Bum's style: the extremely adorable black medium trimmed up hairstyle. However....

Even with a curly hairstyle, Kim Bum still holds onto his "brand" style.

Even still, Kim Bum looks the best with his "imaged" look: which is the pure black, but straightmedium haircut!