Micky Yoochun

Born on June 4, 1986, Micky Yoochun is a singer and a member of the famous Korean boy band, TVXQ (DBSK).From looking at this perspective, it seems that Micky has an oval shaped face. This allows Micky to almost try out any kind of haircut. In the picture above Micky has a medium haircut. Although light fringes, but heavy and puffy sides.

In this picture Micky changes his hairstyle a bit. From a medium hairstyle to a short haircut. He gels up his fringes for a cool effect and trims down his puffy sides.

Just another version of Micky's short haircut. Gelled/waxed up the fringes.

Korean singer Doojoon

Born on July 4, 1989, Doojoon Yoon is the leader and singer of the new and popular Korean boyband, "B2ST" (BEAST). Clearly Doo Joon has a heart shaped face. He has a wide forehead but a relatively narrow chin. But in contrast, Doo Joon likes to show his facial shape, and gets short haircuts with completely no fringes. In a sense he looks a lot like the other popular Korean singer, T.O.P.


In a way Doo Joon brings out the bright and cool look through his short mohawk style. Neat hmm?
Early on Doo Joon had fringes which acted like a cap for his forehead, while keeping his short haircut.

Doo Joon's hairstyle covers one of the hottest hair trends in Korea to date.

Jaybeom Park

Born on April 25, 1987, Park Jaybeom is a Korean American b-boy, singer, and former leader of the popular Korean boy group "2PM", the group with Nickhun and Taecyeon.

CRAAZZY hairstyle right?!? Although Jaybeom has a Triangle shaped face, he still pulls out a sick style with his mohawks. Jay often gets a short haircut with shaved sides to contain that b-boy image.

Here's another closer look at Jay's short mohawk. To get his hairstyle, one would have to grow soem long fringes, and head to their professional hair salon for some hair trimming and scratches.

There's only one word that describes Jay: STUD =) Here he gels up his fringes to make a full fohawk.

Korean singer Gyuri Park

Born on May 21, 1988, Gyuri Park is the leader of the popular Korean girl group, KARA.

It seems as though Gyuri has the rectangular shaped face, or so it seems. In this photo she pretty much leaves out the fringes, to create a wavy long hairstyle.

Gyuri's hair is not too puffy, or not too light in volume. Her haircuts change from long to medium. She definitely had a perm for the ends of her hair to create that "wavy" look. She is obviously gorgeous! You do the evaluation :)

Yes! Gyuri does not abuse the law of fringes; she tends to avoid fringes at all times, by observing her images.

In a fashionable sense, one could describe Gyuri Park to have that "Goddess" look.


Born on July 24, 1988, Seungyeon is a member of the Korean girl group, "Kara". Clearly Seungyeon has the face shape of the popular Korean singer, Taeyeon,with a heart shaped face. No matter how you look at it, Seungyeon has variations with her long hairstyle.

Like most other Korean idols do, Seungyeon also frequently dyes her hair to keep up with the hairstyling trend.
Her recent hairstyle is very thick in volume, but still contains some fringes. Yet she still keeps her long hair. However, her bright brown colored hair looks great on her!